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Judging Criteria

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At a general level, the judging criteria will cover the following aspects:

  • Overall quality of submission
  • Degree of originality and innovation in ‘green’ solutions, products and policies
  • Evidence of the positive, sustainable impact of green on the business, its supplier and its customers, in terms of environmental, social and economic benefits
  • Examples of the green messages that are disseminated through the organisation’s marketing and communications campaigns. 


Ethical Management Practices

Entries should show evidence of ethical management practices, such as:

  • Pertinent sections from an employee handbook, company manual or training programme (formal or informal) showing how green and ethical policies are communicated to, and implemented by, employees
  • Any formal training and/or procedures used to address concerns an employee may have in dealing with an ethical dilemma
  • The existence of a ‘green’/ethics officer, compliance officer or ‘Ombudsman’ should be noted, along with information concerning the responsibilities and authority of this position
  • Formal or informal management practices and policies that foster positive employee relations around ‘green’
  • Employee benefits and/or workplace practices which contribute to the quality of the green agenda and goals
  • Examples of sound environmental practices
  • Complimentary feedback from customers, vendors and/or suppliers
  • Organisation policies and practices that assure excellence in quality products and/or services, and demonstrate accountability to customers, vendors and suppliers
  • Actions taken by an organisation, showing it went "beyond the call of duty”
  • Where an organisation is publicly traded, has it demonstrated accountability to shareholders and adherence to good governance practices?
  • Examples of efforts to improve ethical communications, advertising, marketing and sales practices that benefit the green IT agenda and industry as a whole ie anti Greenwash.
  • Sales training and/or codes of ethics used by sales personnel that ensure all transactions are made in an upfront and ethical manner.


Commercial Relevance and Impact

Commercial viability of product or solution:

  • Potential for financial success
  • Overall practicality and usefulness
  • Adaptability to market.

Customer care, judged on:

  • Evidence of an embedded progressive strategy to improve the customer's experience
  • Customer satisfaction levels
  • Value for money
  • Quantified research on brand perception.

      Decisiveness, characterised by and judged on:

      • Making decisions faster than competitors
      • Committing resources and manpower to a Green .project, solution or practice


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