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Iomart Hosting, one of the UK's leading managed hosting and cloud computing companies, is delighted, and proud, to be sponsoring the 2013 Green IT Awards.

Over the past twelve months we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the industry’s views on Green IT and sustainability. The topic is no longer perceived as the domain of the ‘tree hugger’ or ‘eco-warrior’ but rather a fundamental element in any organisation’s strategic business plan, and IT has played a catalystic role in this shift.

The internet is driving the world’s economy and the demand for computing power keeps rising and it’s a trend that does not show any signs of slowing. And the Industry as a whole, from manufacturers to service providers, is reacting to this by working harder, smarter and more efficiently.

We have long argued that green credentials should not be displayed as badge of honour as we are often in danger of mis-representing schemes and claims as ‘magic bullets’ that will prevent further climate change or a solution to the emissions problem. We can all work towards a greener IT environment if we challenge our existing behaviours.

The beauty of the Green IT awards is that they cut through the hype and enable organisations to demonstrate efficiency of their own policies by showing that they operate in a supply chain where green is in full flow, both upstream and downstream.

These organisations provide tangible evidence that the ‘double whammy’ of reducing emissions and environmental harm whilst delivering tangible fiscal benefit to the business is achievable.

Last year’s inaugural Green IT Awards were an unqualified success, and proved the perfect showcase to publicly recognise many organisations that are providing real and innovative solutions to what can be challenging and complex environmental issues.

We are looking forward to another exceptional set of nominations and a wonderful evening.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is responsible for all aspects of UK energy policy, and for tackling global climate change on behalf of the UK.

We have divided what we do into four key policy areas:

Global climate change and energy

We are working internationally to tackle the global challenge of climate change, and to achieve international agreement at Copenhagen in December 2009. As the UK imports more energy, we also want to ensure our supplies are secure, reliable and from a wide range of sources.

UK energy supply

We want the UK to enjoy a diverse and low-carbon energy mix, through an appropriate market framework to ensure competitive prices.

Supporting consumers

We want to help you save money and save the environment by, among other things, improving energy efficiency and addressing fuel poverty.

A low-carbon UK

We are working to help the UK move towards a low-carbon economy, using carbon budgets and other mechanisms.

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