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Online World: #ClickClean or Dirty?
Three of the world's largest technology companies are working flat out to transform the way they consume energy...
What really happens to your electronic waste?
Across the UK, we throw away more than one million tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) every year...
UK’s first 100% green data centre is coming
'Green' data centre? Many claim to be so, but not all walk the talk. This one should, drawing its energy from a renewable source...
B&M's personal war on waste
Switching to a new IT system can be hard for any business. But the rewards can make the pain more than worthwhile...
Where Cloud and green bisect
Reality: cloud service providers want to make a healthy profit, which also means using the most power-efficient systems to keep their costs...
Lighting the way ahead
A traditional switch method of managing lighting is often inefficient and results in unused areas being lit for long periods of time.
E-Waste Threat Tackled Head-On
The challenge of e-waste disposal is a massive one. Dell is working with the East Africa Compliant Recycling to create..
'So cool' approach promises big payback
A number of high-profile organisations have now announced their support for the European Commission-backed 'CoolEmAll'..
Brace yourself for carbon reporting 2014!
There's something just around the corner that will have massive repercussions for all UK businesses – carbon reporting legislation
Businesses have major role in changing...
Putting sustainability at the heart of business is the only option for businesses to succeed in a world where consumers expect more..
New standard claimed for desktop...
New test results claim to dispel the conventional notion that hybrid arrays are more affordable and all-flash arrays..
Liquid-cooled servers take next big step
Sheffield-based Iceotope, the environmental cooling specialist, has announced the installation of its next generation..
iomart offers greater range of Cloud services
iomart Group is offering an expanded range of cloud and colocation hosting services to the UK public sector after being selected..
Upgrade, Build New or Outsource?
Schneider Electric White Paper discusses merits of ways to increase data centre capacity
The Secrets of Hot and Cold Air Containment
Containment solutions can eliminate hot spots and provide energy savings over traditional uncontained data centre designs
New age of lower PUE ratings brings fresh focus...
The Green Grid, a global consortium of organisations dedicated to advancing resource efficiency in data centres, has announced the release of a new white paper..
Determining the Power, Cooling, and Space Capacities...
When preparing for a data centre consolidation project, there are steps that need to be taken in order to make good judgments about how much can be consolidated..
LANDesk Power Management
LANDesk's Power Management functionality allows administrators central control
Power Distribution Considerations for Data Centre Racks
As data centres strive to become highly available as well as efficient, an important aspect of the entire data centre infrastructure that needs special attention..
Managing the Virtualised Data Centre
Virtualisation is steadily gaining ground in the marketplace. Many IT organisations are, to varying degrees, implementing VMware technology..
Environmental Project of the Year 2013 - Public...
WINNER: Intuitive Business Intelligence with Harper Adams University for Intuitive Dashboards ...
Team of the Year 2013
WINNER: Cannon Technologies Ltd for The Cannon T4 Modular Data Centre Team..

Green IT Awards 2013
The Green IT Awards showcase and reward the technology, tools and solutions, as well as the companies and organisations..
Environmental Project of the Year 2013...
WINNER: Intuitive Business Intelligence with Harper Adams University for Intuitive Dashboards
Team of the Year 2013
WINNER: Cannon Technologies Ltd for The Cannon T4 Modular Data Centre Team
Top talent!
The Green IT Awards are now a 'must-be-there' event for more and more businesses. 2013 marked their fourth year and already..
Winning ways!
The Green IT Awards showcase and reward the technology, tools and solutions, as well as the companies and organisations, that have made a significant ..
Right on track with sustainability solution
Powerful sustainability software is tracking the environmental and social impact of recycled packaging giant DS Smith...
Battery of greener power solutions unveiled
New super-clean batteries are promising to reduce the environmental and safety impact associated with lead-based rivals...
Pledge to drive up data centre standards
Emerson Network Power has committed to deliver greener data centre technology standards...

Calculated carbon reporting move from BAFTA
A new partnership will enable better carbon reporting for television and film productions...

EI's national awards target best of the best
Energy Institute is calling for the best from the energy sector...

Collaboration delivers a cutting edge
Three leading data centre management organisations are joining forces to improve data centre design and operations, including energy efficiency...
On the charge!
A new single cable solution for charging mobile devices looks a goer!...

Schneider Electric and HP join forces
Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, is working with HP to deliver a converged data centre and IT management...
Mission-critical power boosts...
A new data centre is delivering 99.999% uptime and above, as well as innovative cooling methods...
Partnership looks to stabilise electrical grid
Honeywell and power management company Stor Generation have launched a dynamic and innovative new smart grid programme in the UK.
Eaton plays key role in EC green initiative
Power management company Eaton is to play a key role in UPS Assessment for the EC's 'Green Products' Initiative.
Free entry to Data Centre World - and beyond!
Data Centre World takes place from 26-27 February at ExCeL London and you can register for your free entry now.
'Eye in the Sky' seeks out heat loss
Aerial mapping company Bluesky is mapping heat loss from buildings across towns and cities in the Uk.
Cloud Computing system to reduce...
Computer scientists have made a significant advance that will allow companies to reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions...
Double delight for iomart
iomart's Enterprise Hosting Brand has scooped two major awards at the 8th Annual Web Hosting Awards.
Billion hours barrier bust open
Raritan has notched up its PX2 iPDU's first billion hours of monitoring power and energy in data centres...
Push for greater collaboration gathers pace
The Green Grid Association has launched a new global interest group that aims to help governments and the data centre industry
New push of renewable energy in data centres
A three-year EU project - called 'RenewIT' - is now underway to investigate how data centres can be designed and operated to make more efficient...
Be greener - and save money!
Jeff Beyer of The Carbon Trust provides some insights on why businesses can be far greener - and save money at the same time.
Seeking Out The Green Advantage
There are any number of processes, techniques and policies that exist or are being created within the IT profession..
A Not-So-Distant Vision
The Centre for Process Innovation reveals a future in which our cities are more efficient, smarter, integrated and utilise resources..
Getting A Good Grasp On Data Policies
Having sustainable data retention policies and procedures in place makes a lot of sense. But what are the challenges along..
Meet The Green Professionals
A new breed of professional is now emerging, as industry rises to the latest green IT challenges, says a leading industry institute
Power-Hungry Processors
The crux of the power and cooling problem in servers lies in the fact that many of them use processors that are based on..
Quest For Value
Carbon Trust and CRedit360 have launched the Value Chain Manager to 'revolutionise ' carbon reduction in the value chain